My Me-ness

I thought this blogging lark was going to be easy, I had loads of plans and ideas for projects and things to blog about. I still have all those plans and ideas stashed away somewhere in the recesses of my mind, lurking there like a forgotten jar of spice at the back of the cupboard, waiting to be put to good use and brought to life before they go off.

Life has been a little more hectic than usual lately since the arrival of Bubba number 2 aka Squirmio aka Matthew Rowan. Between him and his big brother demanding my attention, there has been little time for creativity let alone blogging about creativity. I have managed to squeeze in a few things and have been back to my pottery class so I do have some things to post (just need to photograph stuff). Any hoo I am rambling again so I will try to get to the point if I can remember what the point is…Oh yes.. My me-ness.

I am a mother of 2 adorable little boys, they are the most important aspect of my life right now (and forever). They take up the majority of my time and thoughts and that is how it should be.

I was going to add more but duty calls, hopefully I will get some crafty stuff on here soon 🙂


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A very productive class.

Ooooh I’m so excited, I finished my vasey thing tonight so now it’s drying ready to be fired. I have also almost finished another whole vase in one night 🙂 just need it to be a wee bit firmer so I can clean it up better. No pics yet but I do have a crafty project in mind for tomorrow which I will photograph and blog about.

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Off to my ceramics class tonight, have soooo many things I really want to make but have got to finish my vase this week. I just hope I get to make at least some of the things on my list before bubba arrives (only 4 and a bit weeks to go).

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Ooops, long time, no blog…

It has been harder than I thought it would be to write this blog. Finding time is not really the issue, it has been finding the time when my head is not swimming with other (ie baby) stuff, time when I can sit for a while and think straight enough to type something that makes sense. Oh and there goes my free time little man is waking up…..maybe not fingers crossed x. Well despite the lack of blogging I have had some creative time 🙂 yey! I have started a pottery class in a studio just 3 minutes from my house (how fab is that). So I get 2 hrs a week totally uninterrupted crafty time and I get my hands dirty.

Here are some picture of things I have made so far, they are not exactly master pieces but I had great fun making them and that’s what really counts.

Okies, little man is awake now so that’s all for today. Might post something tonight though if I get a chance.

Happy, Tuesday 🙂

(edit; the top right picture is a smelly room hangy thing I made, doesn’t really fit with the ceramics but I am so proud of it because I sewed it by hand.)

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Creative Dyslexia and Inspirational beginnings

Does anyone else suffer from creative dyslexia or is it just me, is it even a real thing, I think I’ll google it. I have these ideas of things to make or draw and in my head they are great works, master pieces worthy of the national gallery or something. In reality the turn out like something a chimp might have done hmmm! it’s very frustrating.

Any way, I have been searching the web for weeks for inspiration to get me started. Well I found this wonderful and beautiful blog and thus discovered the wonderful world of inchies. I have decided inchies are my thing (for now) as you can use any media for them and they shouldn’t take long to make so I can try out all the crafts I want to try and see what I’m good at if anything. I will post pictures of my first inchies when hubby comes home and shows me how.

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